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FLW 3WZ-350 tree planting hole digger

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Product characteristics

  • Simple structure, covenient for repair--Digging platform adopt light gasoline engine as its power, simplify the transmission structure
  • Strong power,high work efficiency--Equipped with 4.8 kw engine, the work efficiency of the machine reaches 60-100 holes/hour,10-15 times as much as that by manual;
  • Convenient for operation,low labour intensity--Adopt drill floor automatic lifting device,the operating course is light and flexible with low labour intensity;
  • High reliability and security--The drilling speed of the drill floor is adjustable by hand, the machine is equipped with safty protection device against over loading to make sure of the safty;
  • Wide adaptability--Replace the bit quickly and meet the digging requirements of different diameter,different depth in different environment.

Technical parameters

Supported power   (kW) 4.8
Measurement LengthxWidthxHeight  (mm) 1600×900×1800
Rotating speed of the bit  (circle/minute) 250-300
Digging size   (mm) Diameter¢350,Depth≤600(Standard option)
Diameter¢250,Depth≤500(Standard option)
Work efficiency   (hole/hour) 60-100
Weight   (kg) 180
Number of handlers   (person) 1
Requirements of the soil no tree root,stone and other stuffs

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