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FLW 2ZQ-4 Vegetable transplanter

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Product characteristics

  • The structure is simple, the usage and the service is convenience
  • production efficiency is high, the labor intensity is low, not injury the seedling, the rice seedling erectness is good, survival rate is high.
  • All seedling can realize transplant.
  • Uses the special furrow opener, enhances nutrient for seedlings rate and survival rate
  • It can realize the functions of digging, trans planting, planting, pressing, watering and fertilizing, etc.
  • Many lines transplant, the row spacing can adjust independent.
  • The type of hanging structure is unit hangs, the number of transplant lines can be possible to increase or reduce.

Technical parameters

Matching main engine tractor (about 50Ps)
Size(L×W×H) 1580*2240*1180 mm
Number of rows(row) ×working breadth(m) 2-4(row))×0.8-1.6
The row spacing(mm): About 400, adjust
Seedling distance(cm): 23-80,12 gears adjust
Transplant depth(mm): 40-100
Nutrient for seedling rate(%): ≥95
Survival rate(%): ≥90
The quantity to irrigate(mL/hole) 0-120,adjust
Fertilization quantity(kg/hm2): 0-180,adjust
productivity (hm2 /h): 0.1-0.16
Working  reliability(%): ≥90
Operation population(human): 3-5

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