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FLW 2ZB-1 tobacco transplanter

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Product characteristics

  • High production efficiency----- production efficiency is 4-6 times more than that by manual transplanting and thus low labour intensity.
  • Strong Power-----Adopt American Briggs & Stratton(B&S) 2.57kW gasoline engine
  • High reliability -----digging holes and accomplish the transplanting at the same time,low power consumptionHigh reliability
  • Outstanding performance-----high perpendicularity rate and survial rate
  • Wide adaptability,  can plant both on ridge and film, row space and row pitch can be adjusted.

Technical parameters

Model 2ZB-1
Structure walking
Walking wheel model rubber wheel
Walking wheel diameter  (mm) φ400/φ540
Wheelbase  (mm) 1000
Wheel gauge  (mm) 1000-1100
Outer measurement(L×W×H)  (mm) 1800×1250×1110
Matched power Model 0831 four-stroke gasoline engine
Output power  (kw) 2.57
Output rotating speed  (r/min) 3600
 depth  (mm) 40-80(adjustable)
Transplanting rows 1
Transplanting row pitch       (mm) 300-750 adjustable
transplanting frequency  (times/min) ≥35
Seedling requirements Seedling species Potted seedling(plug seedling)
seedling height   (mm) 100-250

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