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FLW 2Z-455(E)wide-narrow row rice transplanter

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Product characteristics

Strong Power--Adopt American Briggs & Stratton(B&S) 2.57kW gasoline engine              

Row Pitch 6 shifts adjustable-- quick transformation of the row pitch from 117-223mmby only adjusting the gear-changing handle and row pitch-adjusting handle.                          

Seedling transfered reliably--Unique design of seedling transferring structure makes sure of the reliability of the seeding transfer.                                                      

Hydraulic copying--Plate-shaped elevating mechanism and automatical stabilizing system make the transplanting depth in consistence.                                                    

Intergrated with agricultural requirements--The middles ranks are wide and the ranks at the sides are narrow, increasing the basic seedling and the rice output.

Technical parameters

Structure 2 Wheels & 3 Floating Plates
Wheel Structure Rubber wheel
Diameter Of The Wheel   (mm) 612
Working Part Structure Crank-rocker/Rotary type transplanting mechanism
Measurement(L*W*H) (mm) 2410*1296*880
Weight (kg) 170
Engine Model Briggs & Stratton 0831 Four-stroke Gasoline Engine
Output Power (KW) 2.57
Output Rotating Speed (r/min) 3600
Shifting gear forward 2, backward 1
Oil Cusumption (kg/h㎡) ≤4.63
Working Speed  (km/h) 1.08-3.49
Speed on Road  (km/h) ≤3.96
Transplanting Performance Productivity(h㎡/h) 0.09-0.19
Depth (mm) 10-35
Working Line (line) 4
Row Space (mm) 300,238,238,238
Plants qty. per hole(pc) 3-5(adjustable)
holes qty.  (per 3.3㎡) 85(55)
Row Pitch (mm) 146(223)
Seedling Type Seedling With Soil
Height (mm) 100-250
Leaves Age   (leaves qty.) 2-4.5

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