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FLW 2ZQ tabacco transplanter

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Product characteristics

◎ high production efficiency: artificial transplanting of 4-5 times, low labor intensity

 ◎ Structure of Science: an independent unit mounted, easy maintenance

 ◎ wide adaptability: bare seedlings, seedlings can be transplanted bowl; spacing, spacing in the rows, planting depth, the number of rows can be adjusted

 ◎ superior performance: with a special opener, advanced casing device, Li Miao rate, high survival rate

 ◎ functional: can be realized trenching, planting, casing, repression, watering, fertilizing, laying of the membrane

Technical parameters

Supporting host tractor(about 30Ps)
Outer measurement(Length*width*height)  (mm) 1580×1900×1180
Working width(m)  0.8-1.6
 Rows (row)  1-2
Row space (mm)  500-1300 adjustable
Row pitch (cm)  23-78,12 shifts adjustable
Transplanting depth (mm)  40-100
Perpendicularity rate (%)  ≥95
Survial rate (%)  ≥90
Production efficiency( seedling/min·row·person)  ≥35  
Working reliability(%)  ≥90
Number of handlers(person)  2-3
Water tank depends on necessarity
Fertilizer tank depends on necessarity

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