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FLW 2ZG-6DM Riding Type Transplanter

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Product characteristics


Technical parameters

Model 2ZG-6DM
Size L×W×H (mm) 3485×2200×2240
Minimum height (mm) 388
Weight (kg) 720
Power Model 3TNM68-AMW
Type Three cylinder, vertical, water-cooled, four stroke diesel engines
Rated Power (kw) 12.3
Maximum speed(rpm) 3600
Fuel diesel fuel
Capacity (L) 20
Running Driving Mode Four-wheel drive
Wheel Front (mm) φ650
Rear (mm) φ950
Variable speed HST
Number forewords two gears, backwards one gear
Transplanter Type Rotary
Rows 6
Row spacing (cm) 30
Seedling spacing (cm) 22,18,16,14,12
Plants (each 3.3m2) 50,60,70,80,90
Depth (mm) 14-40 (six gears)
Balance device Mechanics
Adjust the volume Horizontal(Times) 18,20(14),26
Vertical (mm) 8-17
Transplanting speed (m/s) 1.55
productivity(Mu / h) 6

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