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PUTIAN 4LBZ-145 Half feed combine harvester

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Product characteristics

  • The price is justice, the performance price has the obvious superiority.
  • The overall has lower cost, the majority spare part realizes domestically, maintains conveniently.
  • The index of product performance is superior, the loss factor is specially lower. Technical Parameters

Technical parameters

Model 4LBZ-145
Size L×W×H (mm) 4230×2000×2200
weight(kg) 2510
Engine type 4L68
Rotated power 40 kw(54ps)/2600 rpm
Starting method Electric System
No. of fuel 0#  diesel oil
Crawler 350*90*46
Crawler center distance(mm) 950
Ground pressure(MPa) ≤0.024
Method of gear change hydraulic infinite variable speed
Change gears Infinite× three gear changes( auxiliary)
Steering hydraulic
Working speed(m/s) Lower speed-0-0.86  standard -0-1.22
Reaper width(mm) 1450
Number of Reaping lines 4
Reaping height(mm) 50-150
Overall Length of Crop To Be Reaped(mm) 700-1300
Lifting of Reel hydraulic
Adaptability to Inclination 85or Less For Toward Reaping.70or
Less For Reverse Reaping
Thresher system Lower-Feeding Flow System
Thresher Tooth Diameter × length(mm) Φ425×800
Cylinder Speed(rpm) 550
Separating Method Wind System, allure, separate canister, Vibration Fair
Transportation method helix
Discharge method filler
Number of output 3
Grain Tank 200L (4 bags)
Cutting Mode: cutting length 100mm
Reamer: dentiform and disk
Other Warning system
Working capacity
Helix, vent jam, cutting jam, oil
2.5-5  chinese acer /hour

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