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PUTIAN 4LBZ-1480 Half feed combine harvester

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Product characteristics

◎ Power Strong

 1. Choice of vertical in-line four-stroke water-cooled diesel engine with a powerful 60-hp power, to ensure continued stability and more efficient harvesting and harvesting operations.

 2.HST hydraulic CVT system is reliable

 3. Using HST hydraulic continuously variable way, variable speed range, fast response, work to improve the reliability of the system

 ◎ off the net rate, the loss rate is low

 Use of a longer threshing cylinder and multiple screening methods to achieve high-precision screening, to reduce grain losses.

 ◎ simple, comfortable, fast

 The operation convenient handle, position, a good driver seat, minimizing the operational strength to ensure a smooth operation.

 ◎ easy maintenance

 Major components, such as the threshing cylinder, filter box, engine room, threshing filters, grass cutting device can be quickly opened, saving maintenance time and increases the operating time of harvest.

Technical parameters

Model 4LBZ-1480
Size (L×W×H (mm) 4540×1780×2270
weight(kg) 2250
Engine type DB33
Rotated power 44 kw(60ps)/2700 rpm
Starting method Electric System
No. of fuel 0diesel oil
Crawler center distance(mm) 1000
Ground pressure(MPa) ≤0.024
Method of gear change hydraulic infinite variable speed
Working speed(m/s) forewords0-1.75 backwards0-0.89
Reaper Reaper width(mm) 1480
Number of Reaping lines 4
Reaping height(mm) 35-150
Overall Length of Crop To Be Reaped(mm) 650-1400
Lifting of Reel hydraulic
Adaptability to Inclination 85