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FLW 2ZBX series hang-cup transplanter

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Product characteristics

  • Scientific structure and easy to repair-- Adopting combination structure, every single unit can complete the planting work seperately and is easy to repair
  • Good performance in transplanting and adaptability-- row space,row pitch and depth are adjustable, transplanting depth is consistent with good perpendicularity.
  • Low seedling injury rate and high reliability--make holes on the film, putting the seedling into the holes and accomplish the transplanting at the same time with no shock on landing and thus low seedling injury rate
  • Mutiple functions and quick return of investment--can transplant several kinds of potted seedlings such as tomato,hot pepper,tobacco and other cash crops with quick return of investment
  • High production efficiency--With low labour intensity, the transplanting efficiency is 4-8 times more than that by manual transplanting

Technical parameters

Model 2ZBX-1 2ZBX-2 2ZBX-3 2ZBX-4 2ZBX-5 2ZBX-6
Rows(Row) 1 2 3 4 5 6
Number of handler(person) 2 3 4 5 6 7
supporting power(kW) 14.7 18.3 22 29 36 44
Total Weight (kg) 180 310 480 590 700 850
Min.Row space(cm) 30 50
Row Pintch(cm) 20~198
Planting depth(cm) 4~10
Production efficiency seedling/
Outer measurement(cm) Length:150 Length:150 Length:150 Length:150 Length:150 Length:150
Width:150 Width:200 Width:300 Width:350 Width:400 Width:450
Height:160 Height:160 Height:160 Height:160 Height:160 Height:160

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