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FLW 2BDX-10 walking rice precision dibbler

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Product characteristics

  • Plant the seedling by pressing reelingly, realizing precision bunch planting;
  •  Go through the paddy field easily with high reliability;
  • Plant orderly to have good performance in translucent ventilation and anti-fall  and make sure of high production;
  •  Row space is optionalhole space is adjustable,planting amount is controllable.High practicability
  •  High workd efficiency and low cost.


Technical parameters

Model 2BDZ-10
Measurement LengthxWidthxHeight   (mm) 3500 x 2500 x 1630
Min.height above the ground  (mm) 388
Wieght   (kg ) 780
Engine Model 356400
Type Air-cooled four-stroke OHV gasoline engine
Rated output     (kW) 10.8
Max.rotating speed (rpm) 3600
Fuel unleaded gasoline(93# or 97#) for car
oil tank capacity   (L) 20
walking parts Driving method four wheel drive
wheel front wheel (mm) solid tyre    650
rear wheel   (mm) rubber convex helix 900
shifting type Hydralic infinitely variable speeds HMT
shifts forwards 2、backwards 1
Planting type scoop-shaped rotating in seedling taking and planting, paddy field bunch planting
planting rows 10
row space   (mm) 230,middle row space 30
Hole space   (mm) 220   180   160   140   120
Seedling box capacity  (L) 80
Planting amount  (  kg/hm2 30~90
Sigle row width   (mm) 50~80
working width   (mm) 2400
working speed   (km/h) 0.35-0.52
working efficiency( theoretical calculation value)  (acer/hour) 4.5-6.8
Warning device buzzer、fuel gauge

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